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 Wiltshire Police

Want to fuel your team leading knowledge, skills and abilities for the next 3 years and boost your career prospects at the same time?

Why not let me and my businss partner, take you on a managment journey to success?


Hi, this is Gary and Kay Dennis at KD Training Solutions.   We have been in the management training business for over 20 years and would like to take you on a different route to becoming a great manager.

The old ways of expecting people to come up with "loads of money" for courses are gradually going.  We understand that money is tight, so would like to take you on a journey that will help you move forward, a bit at a time without being overly expensive. 

Here is where your journey begins. Click on the link below which you feel is relevant to your job role and have a look at the latest Chartered Management Institute (CMI) information sheets:

Level 2 in Team Leading     

Level 3 in First Line Management          

Level 5 - in Leadership and Management

As you will see from the information sheets above, these days, you can complete small chunks at a time and get national accreditation for what you have done.  No longer are you automatically committed to 12 months worth of studying (unless you are certain you want to!).  You can do what you want, virtually when you want.

If you just wish to look or even try the questions and then decide its not for you, we wish you the best with your career in management but will always be here if you need us!








Download your free book now and discover great team leader tips.   Your book is written with national standards in mind so you can see what the latest thoughts on management are.

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"I always go back over this book and make sure I am doing what I am supposed to be doing!!  It contains the 5 key areas of my job and helps me get the basics right.   I would guarantee this book to anyone who is, or who is thinking of becoming, a team leader".   Debbie Robertson, Swindon