equal opportunities policy

If you concerned in any way that you might not receive the same treatment as anyone else because of any personal position you find yourself in, please be assured that we do everything we can to help you. Below are some typical positions people find themselves in and what we try to do to ensure it does not affect your chances of success:

† A large majority of our candidates are mature and feel threatened because they have not attended any formal learning for a long time. We will help you by:

• showing you how to take proper notes at workshops
• giving you a simple yet effective structure for your work
• spending extra time with you on a one-to-one basis
• building up your confidence throughout your programme
• not pressurising you into answering questions at the workshops
• assessing and working with your preferred learning style
• provide you with extra time to complete your work

† Maybe you are married or a single parent and have a family to look after as well as working and studying. We will help you by:

• providing you with a flexible study option
• discussing any workshops you miss on a one-to-one basis
• offering single parent families or those on benefits reduced fees

† Some people feel as though they are unfairly treated because of their sexual orientation. We will help you by:

• ensuring that no inappropriate references are made towards sexual orientation
• making sure that you are not stereotyped or prejudiced whilst on our programmes
• providing a safe environment for all sexual orientation

† Research shows that people of certain race, social background, ethnic origin, different colour or who hold different religious beliefs are often not given the same opportunities as others. We will help you by:

• ensuring you can get access to programmes that will help you achieve your goals
• promoting race, ethnic origin, colour and different religious beliefs in the materials we use
• using the above issues to help others understand the benefits of diverse ideas and concepts
• sharing success stories with you of people from deprived social backgrounds
• offering you flexible or reduced fee payments if you have to pay for your own programmes
• giving you access to short introductory programmes prior to long term ones

† If you have a disability we will help you by:

• designing a flexible study programme that you can complete from anywhere
• making sure you can access and fully understand our website
• ensuring you are not segregated from other learners in any way

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