Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we get asked and the answers we have given:

  • What entry qualifications do I need to join CMI courses? Well, it all depends on the level you are entering.   For example, you can join the Level 2 in Team Leading without any qualifications if you are a team leader or working towards being one.  If you want to join the Level 2 course, you could do so after completing the Level 2 course.  Also, if you have a couple of GCSE's, you can join.  If you do not have any formal qualifications but some experience in the workplace, or you are already in a supervisory position, you can also join

  • How long do CMI qualifications take to complete?  Each of the CMI courses is split into 3 or 4 parts and you can do one part at a time, or the whole course in one go. Please click on the these links to see the length of each course - Level 2, Level 3 and Level 5

  • What happens with my personal information that I give to you?  If you read our Privacy Policy, you will see what happens with your personal information.   Essentially, it is used by us to register you with the Chartered Management Institute, it will be used by your work assessor and given to our Internal Moderator to ensure she is checking the right work.   All personal information is stored and protected properly

  • Where can I get hold of some resources for my course?  For Level 2 and Level 3, all the resources you need will be on your personal page on our website.   If you are on Level 5, the majority of the resources you need will be on a personal page on our website.   For Level 5, you will be required to carry out some outside research

  • What if I don't understand the theory or the work brief?  No problems, just give us a ring or send an email and we will guide you in the right direction.   You will have a copy of a completed assignment for each unit for you to use as a guide

  • How do I submit my work and when will I get some feedback?  You can submit your work by email.   You will get some feedback from us within 20 working days of submission.   Remember, though, that your work is subject to final approval by the Chartered Management Institute

  • What happens when I have completed all my work?  Copies of your work will be checked frequently, by our Internal Moderator and when she is happy that your work meets the required standard, we will send samples to the Chartered Management Institute.   Normally, it only takes a couple of weeks for their final approval and the certificate will be sent to us.   We will check your address with you and send the certificate off